Ed Tracy is a writer, director and producer. Since his debut in 2005 Ed has worked in scripted comedy and drama, animation, hidden camera, factual, and multi-camera studio. He has worked with a diverse range of talent including Tom Hardy, Kayvan Novak, Arthur Darvill, Riz Ahmed, Dizzee Rascal and Banksy. In 2008 Ed won a Bafta award for co-creating/writing and directing the TV show Fonejacker. He also produced the “Tom Hardy Mixtape”, and a podcast series about film production.

Examples of Ed’s work can be seen in the work section of this website.

STICKY. Too Tall Productions for BBC. Ed created, produced and directed this animated sitcom. Stars Tom Hardy, Javone Prince, Charlotte Riley and Kayvan Novak.

SUSIE DENT’S GUIDE TO SWEARING. Acme Films for All4. Ed co-wrote and directed these six animations, bringing to life these rude-word histories.

A HISTORY OF THE WALLBanksy commissioned Too Tall Productions and Ed Tracy to direct and produce a five minute animation which is now part of the permanent museum exhibition at The Walled Off Hotel project in Bethlehem, Palestine.

WHAT MAKES YOU TIC?, Nice One Productions for BBC. Ed directed this multi-camera studio chat show hosted by Tourettes sufferer Lewis QBall Nickell. DJ Fatboy Slim and actress Bronagh Waugh (The Fall) were the guests.

CAPTCHA, Too Tall Productions for Film4 and the BFI. Ed’s debut film as co-writer and director. Released exclusively on We Are Colony. The film’s official site is here.

PRANKSTERZ, Renowned Films for ITV. Ed directed this hidden camera show starring Judi Love, Axel Blake, Jimmy James Jones, Eddie Kadi, plus token white guy Jamie Howard.

V SIGNRetort Productions co-production with Green Inc TV for BBC. Ed directed this scripted comedy drama V Sign, written by Steve Turner. A science fiction sitcom set in Ireland, it starred Michael Smiley and Yasmine Akram among others, with the vocal talents of Kevin Eldon, Isy Suttie and Lewis Macleod. The budget was £350,000 which afforded 35 crew plus many high end visual effects shots.

FONEJACKER, Hat Trick Productions for Channel 4. Ed Tracy is the writer and director who collaborated with the comedian Kayvan Novak (Four Lions, Syriana) to create the hit television series Fonejacker for Channel 4. Ed was awarded the BAFTA award for Best Comedy for his work on Fonejacker. Alongside directing and co-writing, Ed edited Fonejacker and was the lead animator, lead designer, as well as composing much of the music in the show.

FACEJACKER, Hat Trick Productions for Channel 4. Ed worked with Kayvan Novak to co-create, write and direct the Facejacker television series for Channel 4Facejacker was nominated for the BAFTA award for Best Comedy. Ed’s other awards include a Broadcast Award for Best New Programme with Fonejacker, and three Royal Television Society awards for Editing and Design. Both Fonejacker and Facejacker were nominated for Golden Rose of Montreux comedy awards, and Facejacker for an International Emmy Award.

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