‘Computer Science’ BBC Bitesize

Duration 14 x 4 minute shorts

Starring Javone Prince, Verona Rose, Donna Preston, and Steve Bakur.

Client BBC Bitesize

Production Company Too Tall

The challenge was to present this subject as attractive to students who might otherwise run in the opposite direction. Firstly we created formats which the young target audience could relate to; animated sitcom, memes, and computer games. Then we abstracted the many complex lessons into everyday ‘abstractions’. Concepts such as algorithms we explained in the context of learning how to play a fun computer game, and approaches to coding we presented as menu options in a chicken shop. The films have been praised for raising the bar for Bitesize in terms of content and production value.

Watch three of our favourite episodes; ‘packet switching‘, ‘image representation‘ and ‘translators‘.

The films can be viewed on the BBC website.