Sticky was reviewed by Mike Bradley in The Guardian :

Only on BBC Three would the Corporation risk screening an “adult-only animated sitcom” like Sticky, and thank goodness it has managed to get past the censors, since it is rude, crude and very funny. Tom Hardy, Javone Prince, Charlotte Riley and Kayvan Novak star as, respectively, Herbert, Ashley, Ziggy and Jay, four best friends at college in the fictional London borough of Shatford. They inhabit a world not unlike our own, where all forms of life depend on having a wi-fi connection, so when the internet suddenly disappears they are left panicked and helpless. Faced with a government information video that consists of a sign saying “You’re f***ed”, they determine to find out who has kidnapped the web, which results in a dicey mission involving bears, Gollum-esque trolls and a porn king. Join them on their epic mission.

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