The One Ton Pencil Podcast

"Making a film is like writing with a one ton pencil" ~ Orson Welles.

Everything I wanted to know about filmmaking but were afraid to ask... until I started this podcast.

Episode 001 : Arthur Darvill

Arthur Darvill an actor, singer, musician and composer. He joins Ed to talk about his latest role in DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, his childhood and how he got into the entertainment industry, what he thinks about working in the filmmaking “system”, and his latest comments on Chesty Morgan the busty star of bad movies from the 70s.

Also check out the Reddit AMA that Arthur and Ed hosted:

Hi, we’re Arthur Darvill (Doctor Who, Broadchurch, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow) and Edward Tracy (BAFTA winning creator of Fonejacker & Facejacker), AMA! from IAmA

The recording of “Falling Slowly” from the musical Once features courtesy of copyright holders Dewynters, many thanks to Kirsty at Dewynters for your help. Thanks also to Nick at Doctor Who News for permission to use the recording.

Episode 002 : Amy Shiels

In her native Ireland acting was a necessary escape for Amy Shiels. She upped sticks to pursue a career in Hollywood, and this year landed a role in the return of David Lynch’s iconic Twin Peaks. She joins Ed to discuss her journey and how staying focused in reality is her new survival tactic.

The excerpt from “Twin Peaks is coming back” features courtesy of copyright holders Rooster Teeth, many thanks to Ashley at Rooster Teeth for your permission to use the recording.

Episode 003 : Matt Wilkinson

Matt Wilkinson is a film producer whose debut The Call Up was released this summer. His second film was a thriller called Kaleidoscope, starring Toby Jones, released in the autumn. Third film, the superb soon-to-be-released horror comedy #DoubleDate. He joined Ed to discuss the nitty gritty of film production, and his route from screenwriter to producer.

Episode 004 : Johannes Roberts

Johannes Roberts is a writer and director who sold his first feature film aged 21. Since then he has directed ten features. His latest film 47 Meters Down was released in the summer of 2017. Johannes joined Ed to discuss working on the film, his approach to writing and directing, plus the highs and lows of his career. During this interview Johannes finds out that his latest feature script adaptation, of Stephen King’s short story Hearts In Atlantis, has been approved by Mr King himself!

Episode 005 : Double Date

Ed digs for dirt on the set of horror comedy Double Date, interrogating the film’s producer Matt Wilkinson, writer and star Danny Morgan and director Ben Barfoot.

Check out the short films Ben and Danny made:

Episode 007 : James Nunn

Since his debut at age 25, James Nunn has directed four excellent feature films; Tower Block, Green Street 3 : Never Back Down, Eliminators, and Marine 5 : Battleground (which is due for release in 2017). Ed cornered him in North London, delved deep into his vast wealth of experience and pulled out some pungent nuggets of filmmaking expertise.

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